For more than a quarter-century, NewsWatch TV has grown and transformed into what is now known as the NewsWatch Distribution Network (NWDN). These days, NWDN has given NewsWatch TV the largest exposure possible. Not only does the program paper weekly on Discovery and ION Television, but it can also be seen on stations in more than 200 markets overall. Because of that, the show can be seen in more than 98 million households every week.

A large number of factors have combined to transform NewsWatch TV into a trusted source for mainstream news and technology information. In fact, NewsWatch TV is now seen as one of the finest weekly national television news programs around. Due to its eclectic mix of government news and coverage of healthcare and consumer electronics, especially their timely mobile app reviews, it is a must-see news program for many people. They also mix in some public service announcements designed to inform viewers about things they should know. NewsWatch TV drawn kudos for its ability to cover a wide range of topics in an informative and educational way, at the same time they manage to draw interesting celebrities as guests.