Back when NewsWatch TV was established in 1990 as a monthly business news program, there was not even an inkling of what it would become, eventually. However, over the intervening years, the program has managed to evolve into a powerhouse. These days, the NewsWatch Distribution Network oversees a level of growth that now provides NewsWatch TV the widest exposure. Besides airing on several very prominent cable channels, like AMC, the show is also broadcast over the air in 200 markets overall, including all of the 20 largest. In all, NewsWatch TV can be seen in nearly 100 million households.

As a result of their success, many of its staunchest viewers have written reviews of NewsWatch TV that feature mostly glowing praise. Many praise the program’s ability to cover so many diverse topics in an informative and educational way, as well as for the producers’ ability to attract and interview so many interesting celebrities. The reviews are in and many elements have combined to make NewsWatch TV, hosted by Andrew Tropeano, into a very trusted source for general news and information, as well as for healthcare news, technology news and advice and even public service pieces.